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Since 1984, Advanced Graphics has been committed to producing the highest quality Cardboard Standups and Custom Prints in the world. We are the worldwide industry leader in the licensing and distribution of Cardboard Standups. We are also the #1 source for Licensed and Custom cardboard standups in the industry.Our goal is to provide the highest quality prints to our customers. We put our customers first and will continue to provide the best customer service to those who keep us in business.


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Friday Fun Facts: Beauty and the Beast Edition

As you get ready to go see Disney's latest live action movie this weekend, we thought it would be fun to add some behind the scenes fun facts about the animated original Beauty and the Beast. Look for these little tidbits in the latest live action version and maybe...

Trivia Tuesday Beauty and the Beast

What star was offered the roll of the Beast but turned down the roll for another picture? What roll did Emma Watson turn down to star in Beauty and the Beast? Scroll down for the answer!! Emma Watson turned down the lead roll in La La Land to star as Belle in the 2017...

Trivia Tuesday – The Walking Dead

This week for Trivia Tuesday comes from The Walking Dead to celebrate the mid-season premiere. But first who is the car with Father Gabriel?? Is it the dude from the boat reclaiming his food? Why is Rick smiling at the end?? Is it because he thinks he can convert this...