Friday Fun Facts: Beauty and the Beast Edition

Friday Fun Facts: Beauty and the Beast Edition

Posted by Paul on Mar 16th 2017

As you get ready to go see Disney's latest live action movie this weekend, we thought it would be fun to add some behind the scenes fun facts about the animated original Beauty and the Beast. Look for these little tidbits in the latest live action version and maybe you will spot some new ones! I hope you enjoy the list and learn something new!

Notice anything different about Belle? She is the only one wearing blue! Animators wanted to symbolize how different she is from the rest of the villagers.

The first choice for Mrs. Potts in the animated version of Beauty and the Beast was Julie Andrews.

If you think the final dance on the right looks a lot like the final dance on the left, you would be correct! Animators had to reuse the final dance from Sleeping Beauty because of time constraints!

In the original draft of Beauty and the Beast, Gaston survived the deathly fall only to be ripped apart by wolves. Disney would reuse this idea for Scar's death in The Lion King.

Glen Keane, who animated the Beast used several animals to inspire his creation including: the mane of a lion, head of a buffalo, brow of a gorilla, tusks of a wild boar, legs and tail of a wolf, and the body of a bear.

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