Finn - Adventure Time

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Finn - Adventure Time
This is a life-size cardboard standup of Finn the Human from Cartoon Networks Adventure Time. Some shows are filled to the brim with epic; Cartoon Networks Adventure Time is one of them. At the heart of this show is the bromance between adventure buddies Finn and Jake. Finn is an awkward pubescent boy with fantastic hair, while Jake is a magical, morphing yellow dog.  Due to the endless life philosophies hidden in the context, Adventure Time is the ultimate in €œedu-tainment.€   In fact, I€™m sure there must be a statistic somewhere about people that watch Adventure Time being way more awesome than those that don€™t.  At the very least just for the knowledge of bacon pancakes. Get your Adventure Time cardboard cutout today! It€™s a sure-fire way to make any room a little more awesome. Size is: 52" x 25" Sku # 1874